This week, Kinetic Robotic is back with some zesty updates on our progress: 1) We finally got the pneumatic to somewhat functional! We have decided to use the pneumatic system to push the hatch panel onto the sides of the rocket ship game piece. Hopefully, this will work wonderfully for us during the competition! 2) We have made a prototype and finalized our robotic design. Although we cannot tell the robot's design in detail, it is quite marvelous (no bragging intended :) ). One thing we can tell though that our robot will use hatches in place of cargo since it is much faster. In the end, our goal is still to have a fantastic time with our fellow friends, and we certainly did. Other than the part when some of us got splinters, and one of us got a minor cut (ouch!), we are striving to be our best like "No one ever was," with the power of McNuggets.